On Fri, 5 Apr 2002, Kelly Martin wrote:

> The "G" in GIMP stood, once upon a time, for "General".  It was changed to
> "GNU" at Richard Stallman's insistence (but with the consent of S&P, so it's
> not like it was completely hijacked).  See the S&P interview at
> http://www.xach.com/gg/1997/1/profile/1/.
> Yet another case where Stallman's zealous efforts to push his brand name on
> people was successful.  How long before we have GNUburgers and GNUfries with
> our GNUlunch?


IMHO, we should say something in the first page of the manual and on
the front page of the web site like:

   When we talk about "Linux", we are talking about a combination
   of the Linux kernel and a large collection of tools contributed
   by a large number of individuals and some significant groups
   such as GNU, Xfree and BSD.  Since we cannot credit everyone in
   every sentence, and for the sake of brevity, we call this system

...that should be enough to keep it clear.

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