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> The "G" in GIMP stood, once upon a time, for "General".  It was changed to
> "GNU" at Richard Stallman's insistence (but with the consent of S&P, so it's
> not like it was completely hijacked).  See the S&P interview at
> http://www.xach.com/gg/1997/1/profile/1/.
> Yet another case where Stallman's zealous efforts to push his brand name on
> people was successful.  How long before we have GNUburgers and GNUfries with
> our GNUlunch?

and, would it hurt? As long as the FSF actually supports the ideals of
Free Software and sometimes even pays for some GIMP hacker's burgers
(or travel costs, whatever...), I don't care if there's a GNU brand
name stamped on them.

Salut, Sven
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