On 09 Apr 2002 15:42:31 +0200, "Sven Neumann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> - The zoom GUI might be copied from PS:
>     ---------------
>     |             |
>     |             |
>     |   Preview   |
>     |             |
>     ---------------
>      +    100%   -

I like this GUI.  I also like the fact that in PS (or is it in PSP?), the
mouse pointer changes to a hand as soon as you move over the preview area
so that the user knows that the image can be panned simply by clicking
and dragging with the left mouse button.  In our case, the cursor could
be changed to the same crossed arrows as for the Move tool.  Assigning
this feature to the left mouse button implies that the default cursor can
be changed (the feature would be "hidden" if another mouse button was
used).   Also, this preview widget is very nice because it is compact:
there is no need for scrollbars because there is a visible hint (the
cursor) indicating that the preview can be moved.

I am not sure that I like the idea of making the zoom ratio editable
(spinbutton) because that would waste some space on the screen.  Most
dialogs in the GIMP are already much too large.

> - A split mode would be handy:
>     -------------------
>     |        |        |
>     | Before |        |
>     |        | After  |
>     |        |        |
>     ------------------- 
>   Alternative setups like top/bottom, diagonal split have been
>   suggested. Difficult to get this integrated into the GUI w/o 
>   cluttering it with buttons. Could be in a right-click menu, but
>   it would probably not be found there.

This could be nice, but I am not sure that it would be worth the effort
(and again, the wasted space).  How many plug-ins would really benefit
from such a preview?  In most cases, looking at the window containing
the original image should be sufficient (assuming that the preview is
located in one corner of the plug-in dialog, so that it is easy to put
one window over the other one and compare their contents).  I am not
really against it, but I think that it should not be enabled by default
and I would like some examples of plug-ins for which this feature could
be useful.

> - Make docks scrollable.


> - Make layers resizable/scalable in by adding handlers to the layer
>   boundaries.

I think that the risks of hitting the resize handles by mistake and
resizing the layers when you do not want to are higher than the
benefits.  If you frequently start selections or gradients or drawing
lines from the corners of the image, you would be quickly annoyed by
this feature.

> - Effect layers. Hasn't been discussed much, probably not for 1.4.

I had some thoughts about that, but nothing concrete yet.  Basically,
I was thinking about layers that could contain the results of the
execution of a plug-in (or any PDB function, such as color correction
or maybe some transforms).  Every time the "source" layer is changed,
the PDB function would be invoked to re-create the "effect" layer.
The name of the PDB function and its arguments would need to be
attached to the "effect" layer.  It would be nice to have a way to
combine that with "layer groups" so that one could specify that the
effect layer contains an effect that should be applied to a group of
layers instead of a single layer (the layers could be merged in the
cache for the effect layer before calling the PDB to generate the
results).  Anyway, these thoughts are not very well structured yet,
so this will be for later unless someone else has lots of good ideas
and can implement that quickly...

> - Allow to rotate the canvas just as one rotates a sheet of paper
>   when drawing to ease the use of graphic tablets.

This was suggested last year by Roy Katz in comp.graphics.apps.gimp.
Some programs such as Corel Painter offer this feature.  There is
already a bug report about that in Bugzilla:

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