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> On 09 Apr 2002 15:42:31 +0200, "Sven Neumann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > - The zoom GUI might be copied from PS:
> >     ---------------
> >     |             |
> >     |             |
> >     |   Preview   |
> >     |             |
> >     ---------------
> >      +    100%   -
> I like this GUI.  I also like the fact that in PS (or is it in PSP?), the
> mouse pointer changes to a hand as soon as you move over the preview area
> so that the user knows that the image can be panned simply by clicking
> and dragging with the left mouse button.  In our case, the cursor could
> be changed to the same crossed arrows as for the Move tool.  Assigning
> this feature to the left mouse button implies that the default cursor can
> be changed (the feature would be "hidden" if another mouse button was
> used).   Also, this preview widget is very nice because it is compact:
> there is no need for scrollbars because there is a visible hint (the
> cursor) indicating that the preview can be moved.
> I am not sure that I like the idea of making the zoom ratio editable
> (spinbutton) because that would waste some space on the screen.  Most
> dialogs in the GIMP are already much too large.

I don't think we need to care too much about screen estate in plug-in
dialogs since they are sort of modal. You open the plug-in dialog, use
it and close it again. Screen estate is important for dialogs that stay
open while doing other stuff. Using a spinbutton might increase the
dialog's vertical size by a few pixels (if any at all), so I don't think
this argument holds.

> > - A split mode would be handy:
> >     -------------------
> >     |        |        |
> >     | Before |        |
> >     |        | After  |
> >     |        |        |
> >     ------------------- 
> >   Alternative setups like top/bottom, diagonal split have been
> >   suggested. Difficult to get this integrated into the GUI w/o 
> >   cluttering it with buttons. Could be in a right-click menu, but
> >   it would probably not be found there.
> This could be nice, but I am not sure that it would be worth the effort
> (and again, the wasted space).  How many plug-ins would really benefit
> from such a preview?  In most cases, looking at the window containing
> the original image should be sufficient (assuming that the preview is
> located in one corner of the plug-in dialog, so that it is easy to put
> one window over the other one and compare their contents).  I am not
> really against it, but I think that it should not be enabled by default
> and I would like some examples of plug-ins for which this feature could
> be useful.

probably my ascii drawing was a bit misleading. The idea was to split
the content of the preview area, not to add a second preview area. So
we wouldn't waste and space, we just need to find a way to expose this
functionality to the user and allow her to switch it on/off and
configure where the split occurs. Since this is sort of an expert
feature, it might be OK to make it accessible thru a right-click
context menu only.

Salut, Sven
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