Austin Donnelly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > - Behave as if the zoom tool had been used temporarily: if the mouse
> >   pointer is inside the image window when the shortcut key is used, then
> >   zoom in on that point.  If not, then zoom in on the center of the window.
> This has pissed me off for some time too.  All Apple Mac applications
> I know of zoom centred on the current pointer location.  Expert users
> can use this to zoom+scroll quite naturally, and novice users just
> think it's zooming centred on the image but not quite right.
> If the mouse isn't in the image window, then doing a normal "zoom
> centred" is probably best.
> Trying to guess that the selection is up to is a recipe for disaster,
> as noted in the many special cases in the bug report.

ack. Who writes the patch?

Salut, Sven
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