On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 12:29, Austin Donnelly wrote:
    On Tuesday, 23 Apr 2002, RaphaŽl Quinet wrote:
    > - Behave as if the zoom tool had been used temporarily: if the mouse
    >   pointer is inside the image window when the shortcut key is used, then
    >   zoom in on that point.  If not, then zoom in on the center of the window.
    This has pissed me off for some time too.  All Apple Mac applications
    I know of zoom centred on the current pointer location.  Expert users
    can use this to zoom+scroll quite naturally, and novice users just
    think it's zooming centred on the image but not quite right.

For the record, I would probably like "zoom on pointer" since then you
can avoid the panning-after-zooming to find the place of the image. And
that is how the zoom tool works too, doesnt it already zoom centered on
where you click? I mean, I dont know since I never use it, being so used
to the shortcuts.
    If the mouse isn't in the image window, then doing a normal "zoom
    centred" is probably best.

This pretty much implies "click to focus" :-) Yea, then centered on the
current viewport (we could be partially zoomed in already)
    Trying to guess that the selection is up to is a recipe for disaster,
    as noted in the many special cases in the bug report.
    I can't remember the Mac behaviour on zoom out.  I don't suppose it
    matters too much there, though.

Btw, I looked at Illustrator 9, it zooms always centered, no matter
where your mouse is. Both for zoom in and zoom out (when you use the
keyboard shortcuts that is, using the zoom tool naturally zooms centered
on where you click like we do too)

But illustrator has a shortcut to the zoom tool, so I never use the
Cmd-+ to zoom in; I press and hold Cmd-space so Illustrator temporarily
switches to zoom-in tool, and I click. Therefore I always do "click to
zoom" and it centers around where I clicked. Zoom out happens when you
hold down Cmd-Alt-Space - those are pretty handy once you get used to
them. Much like our "Ctrl to pick color" -shortcut.

But it is not that big of a deal for me. Maybe it might be a good thing
to zoom centered on the pointer. I just zoom in all the way and use the
navi popup (which is *great* by the way) to find the right spot.


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