Frank Lauterwald <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> a couple of months ago I stated I had rewritten the old LIC(Van Gogh)-plugin.
> Sven suggested replacing the old version in CVS with the new one but I felt 
> my version was too untested to do so.
> At the moment I am neither aware of any bugs nor do I plan to implement any 
> new features, so - unless there are severe objections -  now might be the 
> time to check it in.
> Is there anything I have to do? Or will you maintainers have a look at it and 
> do what must be done if it is accepted?

I had a quick look and I have to say that I'm impressed. However to get 
the plug-in into the GIMP-1.3 tree, there are a couple of things that
need to be done:

 - Decide if you want the plug-in to be kept and maintained in GIMP CVS.
   In the beginning you'd send patches but I think we could get you CVS
   commit access pretty soon.

 - Port it to GTK+-2.0 and GIMP-1.3. This task should be pretty

 - Change the code to be compliant to the GIMP coding style. A good start
   would be to use indent with default settings (GNU coding style). The
   GIMP coding style is described in the file HACKING in the GIMP source.
   Not all plug-ins comply to it but we don't want to accept new code
   that doesn't.

 - Change the user interface so it fits better into the look and feel of
   GIMP plug-ins.

We can certainly help you a lot but I'd like you to stay the
maintainer of the plug-in.

> btw.: it still lacks automake support and stuff (meaning it has a
> normal makefile ...) , but the makefile is quite straightforward so
> anybody who is comfortable with automake (not me, sorry ) should be
> able to do the necessary changes within a few minutes

if it gets integrated into the gimp source tree, you don't need to
worry about automake and autoconf. I'll write the Makefile.am for you.
If you decide to maintain it separately, I'd suggest to look at the
gimp-plugin-template on ftp.gimp.org. It should be easy to adapt it
to your needs.

Salut, Sven
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