On Friday 03 May 2002 23:05, Sven Neumann wrote:
>   We should
>   however provide a backward-compatible PDB interface if possible.
IMHO this should not be necessary as the old LIC does not support 
non-interactive mode. And for interactive mode the PDB interface should be 
the same anyway.

> - Decide if you want the plug-in to be kept and maintained in GIMP CVS.
>   In the beginning you'd send patches but I think we could get you CVS
>   commit access pretty soon.
If I have the choice, I'd prefer CVS. 

> - Change the user interface so it fits better into the look and feel of
>   GIMP plug-ins.
Any more concrete suggestions? As I am not an experienced GIMP-user (I simply 
do not work with graphics too much) I have not been able to see the "big 
standard" yet. Anyway, UI design is not the thing I am best at , so I could 
use a helping hand here. Not at the coding stuff but at the question "how 
should it look like?"

Ok, gonna fetch Gtk2 and GIMP1.3 and start porting now ...


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