Am Sam, 2002-05-04 um 13.31 schrieb Sven Neumann:

>  (4) I suspect the gimp-help crew could also need some help in
>      converting the existing help files to DocBook-XML (IIRC, that was
>      the plan) and in updating the help for GIMP-1.3. Please contact
>      Mel Boyce <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> if you want to help out here.

To make gimp-help DocBook/XML all we need to do is flip the switch.
Problem are the tools not the format; what would be needed is a working
toolchain to convert the XML into HTML or whatever and actually the plan
was to wait until you and/or Mitch have decided how to continue with
the help-browser plugin.

If you want to help out here, with new DocBook source, simple texts,
ideas, scripts or just want to say hi simply mail
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and don't forget to CC 
Mel Boyce <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> and Daniel Egger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>. You'll
get all the support you need including CVS write access and a bugzilla
account, so if that's what you've ever wanted feel free to contact us.

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