On Sat, May 04, 2002 at 10:20:25PM +0200, Daniel Egger wrote:
> > I love sablotron. It is fast and very easy to use. Also, it has almost
> > every feature of the XSLT standar.
> I see, how long would it take to transform into HTML compared to Jade?

sablotron is very fast, look this:


  $ wc -l enlaces.xml gimp.xsl 
      544 enlaces.xml
      400 gimp.xsl
      944 total
  $ time sabcmd gimp.xsl enlaces.xml > /dev/null 

  real  0m0.542s
  user  0m0.540s
  sys   0m0.000s


And with jade:


  $ wc -l gimp1.sgml 
      460 gimp1.sgml
  $ time db2html gimp1.sgml > /dev/null 

  real  0m5.465s
  user  0m4.810s
  sys   0m0.290s


In gimp.es.gnome.org, we have a lot of XMLs files which are transformed
to HTML or PHP using sablotron, and it takes a few time to complete the

> > When you "XSLT files" you must say "XSLT file". Unlike DocBook, with
> > XSLT we only will be able to produce one file, instead of one by
> > <sect1>.
> > Anyway, it will be easy :)
> So we cannot slice the HTML output into several files? That's sort of a
> problem, really. It took quite some time to figure out how to get Jade
> to do that and still releases are a pain in the neck because there's a
> lot which has do be done manually still.

Well, this is a problem if you want all text in a few files, but slice
the content in a lot of files makes easier transforming to HTML, or
other format. Moreover, it will be easier to keep and write :)

BTW, another solution could be use the XSLT to make intermediates files
and, with a script (perl, python...), create the definitives files. That
is: we have one XML, using XSLT we transform it in a pre-HTML (without
headers), and with the script we split it in severals files and add to
it the headers (both HTML and content headers).

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