Am Son, 2002-05-05 um 16.52 schrieb Ayose:

> sablotron is very fast, look this:
>   real        0m0.542s
>   user        0m0.540s
>   sys 0m0.000s

> Well, this is a problem if you want all text in a few files, but slice
> the content in a lot of files makes easier transforming to HTML, or
> other format. Moreover, it will be easier to keep and write :)

At the moment we have lots of files which are referenced from the main
document for cross referencing purposes but written again to lots of
small files. We have a few chapter files as well to glue the topics
together for the PDF and HTML reference.
We have English content and some Japanese content, which together
make it for a whopping 1,9 MB of text resp. 55k lines, so it's not 
really a small project and thus needs some intelligent management
and clever splitting. If you have some ideas how to organize that best
feel free to come up with your ideas.

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