Roland Roberts ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I'm still a newbie at this so I'm a bit confused....  I realize that
> drawables include both images and layers and that they are not
> interchangeable.  I'm confused by this error message from a call to
> gimp-drawable-type in a Script-Fu:
>     Script-Fu Error while executing (script-fu-astro-rescale-for-web 5 '(640))
>     ERROR: Procedural database executing failed: (gimp_drawable_type 5)
> Image 5 is an RGB image and I was expecting it to return 0.  Does
> gimp-drawable-type really only work on layers or is this a bug?  This
> is GIMP 1.2.1.

Images are *not* drawables. Images are drawable containers.
Only Layers, Channels (and Selections which are kind of special case of
channels) are drawables.

I have not yet checked the problem you mentioned in your other Mail,
it might very well be a bug. Have you tried clicking on the image
selector? Does the problem persist then?

However, you can easily avoid this problem by moving the menu
entry to <Image>/foo/bar/baz  and registering your script with
a SF_IMAGE and a SF_DRAWABLE as the first two arguments. Then
you have easily access to the image the user invoked the script in
and the current active drawable of this image.

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