On Wed, Oct 09, 2002 at 02:51:53PM +0200, Vegard Vesterheim 
> > no separate gimp-perl package. At the moment it looks a lot as if
> > gimp-1.4 will not have gimp-perl support.
> separate package from gimp itself, and that the packaging is using the
> ordinary Perl mechanism (Makefile.PL, etc). AFAIK, PerlMagick is a
> separate package from ImageMagick, so why should Gimp be any
> different?

The situation is exactly the same with ImageMagick: ImageMagick comes with
the perl module, and also builds it in much the same way as gimp does. For
some magic reason, the culture clash seems not to be a problem for the
ImageMagick developer(s). I guess if automake wouldn't be so limited
(there has been development for perl support, but AFAICR it was decided
that Makefile.PL works better anyway, and is more portable) the world
would be a better place.

OTOH, portability isn't much of a problem in the case of gimp, as gimp
just doesn't port to a lot of platforms, and I think it might be possible
to make gimp-perl completely integrated into gimp's automake system, just
as programs embedding perl usually try their own system. I wouldn't want
to handle the portability problems, but, frankly, it would need to work
on linux, *bsd and (in the future) windows, nobody cares about irix where
it's simply impossible to cleanly compile perl modules in many cases. The
only drawback would be more difefrences between the CPAN vesion and the
gimps version. If anybody would want to try, I'll surely help with how to
get the necessary info out of perl. Lots of work, but doable.

In any case, before shipping a defective gimp-perl, I'd indeed vote for
complete removal. The situation is not as bad as a few years ago, where you

a) needed a very specific gimp-perl version for a very specific gimp version
   (quickly changing 1.1 releases)
b) it's part of most distributions, and they know how to build it

And as for gimp-1.4: I'd like very much to make gimp-perl work with
gimp-1.4, but right now I am quite dead. Very, very dead. Drowned in
work. You get the idea.

I hope this changes "soon", but that soon might still be 4-5 months away.

My apologies for playing dead man for such a long time... I _really_ work
hard to change this ;)

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