Marco Munari <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I notice that mouse navigation tool, in the lower right corner
> of drawing window, could be improved in usability:
> before drag the viewing area is better to save the mouse position,
> restoring it after viewable area is moved and mouse released.
> i mean the mouse pointer in navigation preview shortcut
> is absolutely not moved to change the mouse pointer context.

I'm not sure if warping the mouse cursor would be an improvement in
useability. Usually doing so is considered a bad thing by user
interface guidelines.

> I think it's better that after the use of ccorner view drag tool,
> the mouse stay in the used tool, don't you think so?

what do you mean when you say 'mouse stay in the used tool' ??

> gdk:
> gdk_fb_mouse_get_info (&winx, &winy, mask);
> xlib:
> XQueryPointer( dpy, w, &root_win, &win,
>                &x, &y, &win_x, &win_y, &state_mask )

these are function to retrieve the pointer position, but they don't
allow to set it. There's no way we will introduce calls to the GdkFB
layer or let alone Xlib. Of course there's a way to get the pointer
position using plain GDK, but I think there's still no way to warp the
pointer to a different screen location.

Salut, Sven
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