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> Ok, I guess I'm just not making my question clear. I understand that regex
> enables doing a wildcard search in the plug-ins database.
> What I have trouble imagining is the scenario where regex search in Gimp is
> necessary or useful. Few users even know how to phrase a regex search. Is
> this just feature-itis? Do I correctly surmise that regex could be removed
> without being missed?

why would you want to remove a feature that is implemented in libc
anyway? All you'd gain is one nice feature less.

Actually I don't understand at all why you are dealing with this
code. It seems unrelated to 16-bit or floating point support. If you
ask me, stop fiddling with this stone-old code base and try to help
building a gimp core that fits the needs of film-editing.

Salut, Sven
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