I called you right the first time.  You don't know jack about much, and 
nothing about the rest of it.  You're to green to phathom, let alone be 
embarassed, by your suggestion to remove regular expressions.  This is *nix, 
and that's how *nix works.  That's why *nix works.  And GIMP is an *nix 
thing.  Don't like it?  Quit working with computers and go back to the 
garbage you came from -- AKA Microsoft.

See, it's like this:  Unix is American, Microsoft is French.  That Microsoft 
does NOT have it is an endorsement to have it.  That Microsoft would have it 
is a caution if you do.

All this time you thought you worked with computers.  NOT!  Microsoft products 
are necesarrily products that let people like you think you're developing.  
They let people who don't know anything about computers work with computers.  
They make it "easy".  Only it isn't easy, their stuff never works, their 
customers never learn, and that leaves it to the *nix folks to build stuff 
that really works.

I bet you don't even know what globbing characters are you're that ignoRANT.  
And RANT you've done.

You should drop this project.  I've no confidence in the work of someone so 
clearly clueless.

I'm surprised your mail isn't in html!

David Weeks
You can call me at: 813-236-2009, USA



> I think the point is probably to do a
> trawl through legacy code and see how much of it can be flushed,
> if any.

I wish! Sometime later.

Although regex is available with *nix, it isn't part of Windows. My choice
is to remove it or fix the broken regex implemenation included in Film Gimp.
That regex code is full of difficult to debug macros.

> Now that Robin knows that
> the regex code is useful, at least to some people, he's not
> planning on touching it.

I'm not?



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