this is such a good topic for a tutorial!  i needed help to see this
stuff at first as well.  i don't have time to write the tutorial, but i
got some screenshots for it when i have the time.

i have been working with gimp-python lately, so i chose that console for
my tutorial.  the script fu console works the same way, so if you
haven't installed the python module in your gimp, you can use that one
that comes with gimp.

Xtns -->Python Fu -->Console will bring up this dialog:
i needed the gradient list for my last plug-in.  

after you find the call you need and hit the okay button, it is back to
that original dialog:

see, it gets cooler now.  it is the same dialog, yet in the little text
box at the bottom is the call you queried about only in the way that
python understands it.  also, it shows what the return is.  this thing
does most of the work for you ...

so, for the best part, you need to remove the equal sign and everything
to the left of it (this will leave pdb.gimp_gradients_get_list() in the
text box.  hit enter and see this(!!):


n 2002-11-26 at 2328.53 -0800, Robin Rowe typed this:
> Carol,
> > well, i use it. honest.  Robin, ever try to write a gimp plug-in?
> How would regex help me write a gimp plug-in?
> Cheers,
> Robin
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