Thus spoke David Weeks
> My problem of recent days started with a reply to a requested feature: mng 
> support.  The response I got was that I had a lot of nerve asking someone 
> else to slave for me.  I got that from the same who's never even HEARD of 
> regular expressions, and is now an active partner in the development of gimp?  

GIMP isn't text processing, so it wouldn't be out of character to have
developers who don't know regex's.  I wouldn't expect them to know about
transaction processing and rollbacks (both DB terms) or pinning and ioctl's
(kernel terms) either.  It's nice when we do.  But it's not required.

> While this on going discussion is not a specific, tactical Q&A on code, it is 
> a specific discussion of what it is to work on that code, and the expectation 
> of that code's consumers:  the GNU/Linux/Open Source community, and end-users 
> the world over.  

The "GNU/Linux/Open Source community" is too vague to be considered a target
audience.  Kernel developers are not big users of the GIMP, for example.  The
target audience, in the most general terms (which really aren't very useful if
you're trying to make decisions on what to do next) are artists, be they part
of the open source community or not.

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