David Weeks wrote:
> Tolerance isn't the lack of criticism, and intolerance isn't the act of 
> criticism, and beyond that, some things are tolerable, and some things are 
> not.  So let's drop the "troll" "intolerant" "ignorant" crap and deal with 
> information.  These reactions are human nature, and responsible for the 
> strife in the world;  just look at this list.

Actually, your abusive behaviour's been responsible for the
strife on the list. People in general have been polite, even
offerring you an excuse to back out early (drunkenness) and get
back to business. But that wasn't good enough for you, so you
started another 2 threads (including this one). Please, drop it. 

> Free discusion of ideas means it's all good, even the bad and the ugly, cause 
> that bad and ugly might be the fact that we're wrong, and someone was rude in 
> pointing it out.

Actually, free discussion comes with some responsibility. A good
question to ask is "Would I write this e-mail to a work colleague
I'm going to meet beside the coffee machine?" - I don't think you
would have. Or if you had, you would have been a bit more
articulate :)

In brief, you're new to the list (your first mail was a couple of
weeks ago about MNG support - I looked), and should probably
avoid abusive behaviour for a while, unless you want to get a bad
name, and be ignored. 

> My problem of recent days started with a reply to a requested feature: mng 
> support.  The response I got was that I had a lot of nerve asking someone 
> else to slave for me.

That's inaccurate.

> So here's the challenge:  who thinks that not knowing what regular expressions 
> are, or thinking that a feature request is wrong, is an indication of knowing 
> what you're doing as an open source developer in the GNU/Linux community?

This is the GIMP community, not the GNU/Linux community. And
here, not knowing what a regex is is probably the norm. And open
source developers don't have to code on Unix.

Please, keep quiet for a while, for your own good. 


       David Neary,
    Marseille, France
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