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> On 2002-11-28 at 1259.18 -0500, Patrick McFarland typed this:
> > Hrm. Side note, They got $1k from Linuxfund to further their project... hrm...
> $1k would not be enough to by the beer for the people who develop The
> GIMP (if i can at least add correctly).

But it might be enough for an outside contractor to produce a specific feature
(probagbly not 16 bit support, but perhaps something else) and release it back
to the community.  This might be enough to keep the project moving in a
direction acceptable to everyone.  

Since dividing money up between all the current developers is extremely
difficult, funding should be considered as a way to move the project forward
in very specific ways, using external resources.  For some open source
projects that often means acquiring specific hardware.  For GIMP, it could
mean outsourcing feature and bug fix requests.

Of course, it would also mean having to establish a non-profit in order to
accept the funding and use it to pay for the work.  That would definitely move
GIMP into a new area, one the developers might not want to deal with right
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