[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-12-03 at 1038.37 +0100):
> > > And guess what, it fixes all GIMP bugs too!. After all, GIMP is
> > > part of GNOME, so if you don't install GNOME, there won't be
> > > GIMP, so there won't be any GIMP bugs! Yay!
> > Erm, maybe this is a stupid redhat thing, but I thought GIMP just
> > used GTK, (ala, it works on all desktops, including my
> > anti-desktop environment desktop)
> True, but there are more programs that are part of GNOME, but don't 
> (necessarily) use the GNOME libs. Anyway, on the webpage, GIMP is 
> listed as part of GNOME Office: 
> http://www.gnome.org/gnome-office/gimp.shtml

They list OpenOffice, so the "what is and what is not" is really
fuzzy. http://www.gnome.org/gnome-office/index.shtml

Oh, well, another "is mine" war.

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