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> My images are extremely long and relatively narrow, not anywhere
> near square.  A typical image size would be approximately 200K
> pixels in length (height), by only 2K pixels in length, for a total
> image size of about 400M pixels.  I have some images over 600M
> pixels, while others are somewhat smaller.
> Yes, some of these images exceed 200ft in length.  You may be
> wondering what they could be: images of well logs for oil and gas
> wells.  These are essentially strip chart (graphical) recordings of
> various physical properties taken over the length of the borehole.
> They are rather drastically scaled down already (typically 1 inch
> represents somewhere between 20 to 100 feet) in the vertical
> dimension, and detail is important, so further scale reduction is
> NOT practical.  It is also impractical for other reasons that are
> too complex to get into here to split the images up into smaller
> sections.
> Bottom line: Again, I must state that the problem I am encountering
> is NOT related to the pixel count or file size!  It occurs when the
> number of pixels on ONE axis multiplied by the resolution exceeds
> approximately 187.5 feet in length.

please file a bug-report with all the information that might be useful.

> Thanks for your comments re GIMP 1.3.x.  Your positive impressions
> are somewhat surprising to me, since comments from Tor Lilqvist (the
> primary porter of GIMP 1.2.x to Windows), led me to believe that
> porting 1.3.x to Windows was going to be very difficult.  Something
> to do with library interdependencies and lack of related tools under
> Windows if I remember correctly.  Since Tor's porting skills are far
> beyond my own, and he's been involved with porting the GIMP for
> quite a while now, I tend to respect his opinions.  However, anyone
> can occasionally miss something, especially if they are too busy
> with other things.  Do you know anywhere I could find some
> instructions for installing GIMP 1.3.x under Windows?

obviously Tor and Hans have some problems with the way we reorganized
the code. I'm sure however that this can be solved. Due to the much
improved abstraction layers in GLib-2.x, the GIMP-1.3 source tree is a
lot more portable and should compile out-of-the-box provided you get
the build system setup correctly. But then, I've never tried it
myself, so you should probably ignore me.

Salut, Sven

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