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> Hmmm...  Sure, this is not very clean.  On the other hand, there are a
> couple of quick workarounds that have been introduced in the 1.2.x
> branch while the proper solutions have only been implemented in the
> 1.3.x branch.  IIRC, there is at least one piece of code in the 1.2.x
> branch that contains a comment stating that the following code is a
> temporary hack that is fixed in the 1.3.x branch only.
> So I think that some #ifdef's are acceptable in the maintenance branch
> because this is only a temporary solution for a problem that has been
> solved differently in the main branch.  But I would like to hear the
> opinions of Yosh, Sven or Mitch about this.

I agree. As long as it is obvious that the change doesn't affect other
code it's perfectly OK to add some platform-specific hacks in the
stable branch. IMO Tor should commit his filename-conversion hacks.

> GIMP is broken because invoking the same script on different platforms
> gives different results, even if the script is started with the same
> random seed.  If I publish a tutorial explaining how to get a nice
> effect by using some plug-ins, then some users will get a different
> result from what was intented.  And these differences occur not only
> between the Windows version and some UNIX versions, but also between
> several UNIX variants.
> I know that this issue has been discussed in bug #67386 and Sven's
> opinion was that we should not get different results in the stable
> branch (different from one version to the next).  But we already get
> different results if we use the GIMP on different platforms...

Although I agree that the current handling of random numbers is
considerably broken (that's why we fixed it in the stable branch), I
don't think it warrants a change in the behaviour for those platforms
that used to work. People will not like if scripts stop working
because of a GIMP upgrade in the stable branch.

It should be possible to get the changes needed on Win32 into the code
to the 1.2 code by adding some more ifdefs. At least I hope so since
I'd like to have all of Tors changes in CVS.

Salut, Sven
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