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> I would prefer if people who could know it better would stop
> claiming such bullshit. The perl-syntax is well-documented, and even
> if you insist on using the rather idiotic PDB-syntax, it does work.

sorry, I heard that it wouldn't work and I remembered the PDB explorer
to document the "rather idiotic" PDB-syntax.

> What's buggy is, again, script-fu, which returns long before the script
> has run. And the script doesn't work unless you create another image,
> because it doesn't like image ids of zero.
> The only solution is to avoid script-fu whereever possible. It has been
> horribly buggy since many years (I don't remember it being working
> ever).

I don't remember to have seen a bug-report about this. If it would
have been reported we might have even looked into fixing it in the
meantime. I'm not sure however if we will ever manage to fix all
Script-Fu problems since it has indeed some rather fundamental flaws.

Salut, Sven
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