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> Well, I must admit that I am not really keen on working on gimp-perl in
> gimp-cvs anymore, anyways. The continuous mobbing made the air somewhat
> bigheaded up there.

Marc, there has been no mobbing going on (despite your continous
ranting perhaps). There are two reasons for moving gimp-perl into a
separate module:

(1) It doesn't work with GIMP-1.3 and noone seemed to work on getting
    this fixed. Since we want to release soon, we were forced to do
    something. Having gimp-perl in a seperate module allows to have it
    maintained independently of the main GIMP package.

(2) There are a couple of severe problems with the build that have
    been outstanding for a very long time and noone did anything about
    them. In particular I'm speaking of:


    I expect that some of these problems are more easily fixed in a
    separate module since integration of the perl build environment
    into the GIMP build environment has proven to be non-trivial.

Salut, Sven
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