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> Hi,
> <pcg( Marc)@goof(A.).(Lehmann )com> writes:
> > > (2) There are a couple of severe problems with the build that have
> > 
> > I didn't know this (but I don't use the bugtracker, since despite a lot of
> > tries I never got an account there, so it's rather useless for me).
> it seems we suffer from the same problem: I've told you about these
> problems several times and it seems you forgot about it.

It seems this is wrong and only you forgot about it. I went through all
bug reports you ever told me about and fixed, or at leats tried to fix
them in good faith. I remember having given you feedback on them, too, but
maybe in the last year or so some mails slipped through, I don't know.

> forget that there was a problem calling Script-Fu from anything but
> Script-Fu.

Well, you keep forgetting it, don't you? In any case, arguing about open
bug reports (that are long fixed) isn't going to get us anyhwere.

> Perhaps us two just have too many things to care about...

Perhaps. But I don't go out in the public and keep claiming wrong things
when I _know_ that I _do not_ know.


This bug report is rather outdated and supposedly fixed since MANY years.


Same issue here.


Oops, this is certainly not something you told me about ever.


This also is rather valid - I missed the change from overwriting prefix to


Well, this is another case of broken compilation environment (gcc doesn't
support the native asm syntax and compiler switches).

In any case, the two bugs are really easy to fix - I don't think you ever told me 
about those.

Yes, it's not at all your duty to tell me about these - I am not at all
arguing about that, or wanting you to invest even more time and work.

My problem is that you are investing too much time with misinformation -
something that is relatively easy to avoid, especially since I do tell you
about this regularly (oh sorry, for you it's ranting - no wonder you keep
ignoring it).

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