On 3 Apr 2003, at 1:24, Ernst Lippe wrote:

> My Webster's lists prevue as a synonym for preview (to me this appears
> to be the original French root of the word).
> Does GimpPrevue sound very weird for native English speakers?

What do the two different GimpPreviews do? If they are so alike, why 
are there two different versions? Please explain it to me as if I did 
not understand programming at all (which I don't, so it will be very 
easy for me to play my part :-)).

As an aside: on your intropage, you end half of the sentences without 
and the other half with full-stops.

As an aside to this aside: a Mac application knew that a certain 
function could take a while to process, so the programmers had, very 
thoughtfully, provided a dialog that said: "If you want to interupt 
the processing, please press Command and type a period." A (Dutch) 
colleague who knows very little about Macs, wanted to interupt the 
program, so he pressed the Command button and started typing for a 

branko collin
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