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Branko Collin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> What do the two different GimpPreviews do? If they are so alike, why 
> are there two different versions? Please explain it to me as if I did 
> not understand programming at all (which I don't, so it will be very 
> easy for me to play my part :-)).

There is a large difference. The GimpPreview in the GIMP is used
internally, and is not avalaible to plug-ins (I you are really
as naive as you pretend, I should probably should have called
the plug-ins "filters"). My preview is intended for plug-ins
and contains severeal bells-and-whistles, that might be usefull
for plug-ins.

> As an aside: on your intropage, you end half of the sentences without 
> and the other half with full-stops.
I hope you mean the initial table of contents (I already started
looking at the "Introduction" page, but that one looked mostly OK).
That is just intended as some help to future software archeologists
so that they can determine in which order these pages were written :)
But I will immediately admit that my punctiation is horrible.

BTW, I have the feeling that most americans would not use the
term "full-stop". So I suspect, that you originate from that
part of the world that thinks that "Europe" and "the continent"
as synonyms.


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