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> is this correct: when 1.4 is released, gegl is expected to be ready
> so work can begin on gimp-2.0.  if so, when? (in relative sense,
> ie. which gimp 1.3.x version will be the version just before 1.4?)

Now that you are asking, we can hardly keep try to mistify the plans
for GIMP any longer...

You are referring to a plan that was made almost three years ago. It
outlines that the next stable GIMP release will be called 1.4.  This
release is supposed to be followed by the great core-rewrite which
will involve using the wonderful GEGL.

Inevitably, work on the 1.3 tree took longer than projected but there
is light on the horizon. A few features are still missing but the tree
seems to be in good shape. During the last months the 1.3 codebase has
undergone quite some testing already, but we have more open bug
reports for 1.2 (108 bugs) than for 1.3 (30 bugs). We can thus expect
that it won't take too long to get 1.3 to a point where it deserves an
even version number.

So all we need is an even version number...  All around GIMP, most
notably with its toolkit GTK+, the 2.0 era has begun. Should we really
go for 1.4? I don't think so and everyone me and Mitch talked to (for
example on #gimp) agreed that the changes since 1.2 warrant the jump
to 2.0.  So unless anyone speaks up with good reasons against calling
the next release GIMP 2.0, it will probably happen so.

Well, of course your next question is, when will this happen? We never
gave any realtime schedules and I won't give one today, but I can tell
you what is still missing...

Most of the things that are missing in 1.3 are listed in Bugzilla as
enhancement request. Not all of them will make it into the stable
release but we should at least consider all bugs that have milestone
set to 1.3.x. Whenever we decide that we basically want that feature
but that it's not worth to delay 2.0 for it, we should change its
milestone from 1.3.x to FUTURE.

We should very soon declare a feature freeze. Only bug-fixes and
features listed with milestone 1.3.x will go into the source tree
then. Among the things that need to be finished are the path and text
tools and the integration of the plug-in preview widget. There should
also be no major regression against 1.2. The first step to do now is
thus to make sure that everything of importance has a Bugzilla entry
and milestones are reasonably set.

Once the major missing features are in, we will change the few places
in the build that now refer to gimp14. Releases after this point will
be called pre-releases for 2.0 so they get heavy testing. Hopefully
2.0.0 will see the light of day shortly after.

I really don't want to make up a schedule but of course we hope to be
able to bring out The GIMP at the GIMP Developers Conference this
summer. Let's see if we can make this happen; it would surely make a
good reason for a nice party in the GIMP Tent:


> also, i have a proposition for a simple gui enhancement which could
> drastically boost speed of access to many things and usefulness of
> accelerator keys. however, while it is *simple*, it is comparitively
> large in scope (every registered dialog eg colorselector, layers,
> tool options would require an individual accel-path added, and gtk
> menu code would require enhancements). is this something i should
> make a patch for, or something that could be added to the proposals/
> in gimp2/ cvs?

While such unified keybindings were a goal for 1.3 development, I fear
we have to postpone that idea. Of course you could start to work on it
now, but we can hardly accept it for 2.0. What we still can do for 2.0
is to improve the keybindings we install per default. I'm sure there
is room for improvement without any code changes, let alone the need
for GTK+ enhancements. Someone just needs to look over the keybinding
we use now and make sure they are as reasonably assigned as possible.

If you think that the GTK+ menu system needs improvement, it's
probably best to involve the GTK+ developers. What about proposing
your changes on the gtk-devel list?

As far as I know, the gimp2 CVS module is dead. I'm not sure if it
makes sense to revive it. Especially since the code that is probably
going to become 2.0 lives in module gimp.

I hope that Mitch will write another reply that deals with your
proposed changes to the menu system in more detail...

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