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> But I had a look at the current log file for today and I counted
> 10192 unique IP addresses in total.  In the meantime (since the last
> message that I posted 2 hours ago), the number of visitors using NS4
> has increased from 140 to 165.

Okay, thanks.

> But does the total really matter?  If we have more than a thousand
> visitors using NS4 in the last week, does it matter if this is a
> thousand out of 10,000, a million or a billion?

It does put the figure into perspective.

I won't be arguing for ignoring those however-many users stuck with
Netscape 4 - but I do think when it comes down to making a/the tough
decision it does matter if it's in the vicinity 50% of the users or
more like 0.1%.

> We are not a commercial site counting the visitors to see how many
> of them get banner ads or anything like that; we are counting how
> many GIMP users can get help from the GIMP web site.  See also
> Marc's message.

Usually commercial sites will cater to bad browser for _longer_ that
non-commercial sites, because otherwise their sales will suffer (the
bosses think).

In my experience non-commercial sites have been a lot quicker to adopt
standards-compliant practises - sometimes alienating Netscape 4 users,
sometimes not.

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