Marc kept stating that there are no user-visible changes in GIMP-1.3.
I really don't know how much time he spent with GIMP-1.3 but I doubt
that he is aware of the amount of changes that have been made. To
clarify things a bit and to justify a 2.0 version number for this
release, I made a compressed version of the NEWS file as found in the
1.3 tree. So here's a list of (mostly user-visible) changes. I'm sure
I still missed quite a few things...

What's new in GIMP-1.3

- Extended the concept of linked items to all kind of transformations
- Rewritten and much improved text tool (not quite finished yet)
- Rewritten and improved paths tool (not quite finished yet)
- Modular display filters and color selectors
- Popup selectors for brushes, gradients, palettes and the like
- Improved session managment
- Fullscreen mode for the image window
- MNG saving
- PSD saving
- Allow to create channels from an image's color component
- Added color pickers to levels tool for easier color correction
- Much improved undo system that adapts to the memory requirements of the
  undo steps
- Hooks for plug-in debugging
- Converted the API reference to DocBook XML
- New colorblindness display filter 
- Added SphereDesigner plug-in
- Portability fixes for 64bit platforms
- Handle large swap files (>2GB)
- Optional menubar in the image window
- Added more widgets to libgimp (GimpColorScale, GimpPickButton, ...)
- Added a color selector dock
- Added new layer modes (Softlight, Grain Extract, Grain Merge)
- Added Gimp-Python
- Improved UI of color adjustment tools
- Added GimpSelectionEditor, a view on the current selection
- Cleaned up and improved most plug-ins
- Support tile cache > 4GB on machines with 64bit long integers
- Added support for large files (> 2GB)
- Temporary switch to the Move tool when Space is pressed
- Added mnemonics all over the place
- Adopted the Thumbnail Managing Standard
- Added shortcuts to crop layer or image to selection boundary
- Improved tool options and made them dockable
- Cleanup of brush, gradient, pattern and palette PDB functions
- Allow to choose interpolation for individual transformations
- New layer mask initialization modes
- Scanline conversion (Path to selection etc.) changed to use libart
- Improved preferences dialog
- Themeable user interface
- Dockable windows
- New tool icons
- New RGB->Indexed quantizer
- Added Color Erase paint mode
- Added SF-DIRNAME script-fu parameter
- Ported to GTK+-2.x
- Rewrittten and improved almost all of the GUI
- Cleaned up the core a lot. The app directory is now broken up into
  subdirectories that define subsystems with defined dependencies
- Seperated GUI from core functionality in almost all places
- The core object system does not depend on GTK+ any longer
- Split up libgimp and libgimpui in a bunch of smaller utility
  libraries to be used by plug-ins and the core

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