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> <pcg( Marc)@goof(A.).(Lehmann )com> writes:
> Marc, you may not need any marketing but I have been trying to raise
> funding for gimpcon since february. I do believe that we, the GIMP
> project, could need some more publicity.
> Please don't overrate the stuff I said about magazines. All I said was
> that we are considering to call it 2.0. That's it.

Ok, here's _my_ deal: *If* you say that not calling it 2.0 would cause
problems in fundraising, then you simply win... While my concerns were,
for me, important enough to mention them (and argue about them), and while
the "gtk+ has 2" etc.. style of arguments were not convincing, this one

I mean, this version number has a certain importance in my mind. It's
enough to disregard most of the arguments I heard so far, but not
important enough to risk funding.

I view that then as a neccessary sacrifice.

> ago. Three years are a long time and noone will be surprised if we
> changed our plans by now.

I still disagree on that, people are eagerly waiting for 2.0 for the
very features it should have. Unfortunately.

> It would certainly raise some interest (which is good)

It would also again raise some interest later when gegl etc. has been
integrated. So if you think maximizing interest is necessary.. go ahead.

> > Your reaction, I guess. Asking for responses and then critizising people
> > for responsing at all.
> Marc, please check who is being quoted and answered. Hans asked this.

Well, you wrote "you guys", and I certainly felt non-reasonably criticised
from your other mails. Yeah, I guess I can live with that, I won't mention
it again ;)

> IMO the changes are major
> second argument
> lately, I came to the impression that people expect a GIMP 2.0

Well, all that really doesn't sound convincing to me, and since we layed
down our aqrguments now, we can either agree, or disagree.

> need to quarrel about details of the feature list I posted.

Indeed, it will only raise the impression that I think 1.4 hasn't
undergone a lot of work.

In any case, if you *need* the 2.0 release for the conference, go on,
that's an argument I will readily submit to.

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