At 02:34 PM 7/11/2003 +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
XML is very well suited to describe the structure of a multi-layered,
multi-framed image/animation and it can be used perfectly to embed
meta information as well as vector layers, paths and the like. XML
namespaces make it easy to add application-specific extensions

You bet!

We discussed to bundle one XML file with a set of files that store the
image data. These files would preferably be known image formats or
perhaps even strict subsets of known image formats.


I would suggest that these files are then put together in an ar
archive. Such an uncompressed archive has the advantage that the XML
metadata can easily be extracted.

You just described a JAR file, which is not unlike the OpenOffice file format ;).

A JAR is a special type of ZIP archive, which contains one or more "data files" along with an XML "manifest" about the contents. I've worked on a number of projects (both commercial and "open") that have used such a format - it works quite nicely and is compatible with existing tools and technologies. Always better than reinventing the wheel!!

I think the approach of a JAR-like file for the future GIMP (and possibly CinePaint) file format is an excellent choice and allows for many avenues of expansion.


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