Leonard Rosenthol <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>       Excuse me?!?!   JAR is used by every Java implementation in
> existence, and since it is 100% compatible with ZIP, means you have
> all of those implementations as well.

Java is not exactly what I would call well established, but that's not
a relevant argument here.

>       Second, because of ar's simplicity it isn't suitable for this
> task for a number of technical reasons including name size
> limitations, incomplete hierarchy support, etc.

Could you elaborate on this limitations?

>       Yes, you need to bundle files, BUT in a hierarchical
> organization, esp. for layers...

I don't think we need any hierarchical organization in the archive
since the hierarchy is defined by the included XML file. The archive
itself should not have any additional structural information or we
would loose the ability to manipulate the image structure using XSLT
(or whatever XML transformation you prefer).

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