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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-07-10 at 1140.21 -0400):
> > It is very sad to see that Sven thinks that Robin Rowe is the only 
> > person to whom his ideas should be told.  Pity the rest of the GIMP 
> > developers (current and future) who might like to comment on it.
> Use the list archives. Search engines let you restrict to servers. And
> IIRC basically it was about packing XML and some common image format
> like PNG into a some common archive format like TAR, so while not all
> soft will be able to open it, at least the user will be able to
> dissasamble it and load things by hand.

I am currently working on some code related to how GEGL works/is going
to work in cooperation with gimp, bundling complete projects in a
folder/tarball could be a good idea for this as well, my current format 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  <graph name="main" frames="200">
    <node filter="avi_load" x="32" y="27">
      <output id1="#1" />
      <parameter name="file">
        <value time="0.000000" string="movie.avi" />
          <parameter name="frame">
                <value time="0"  float="0" />
        <value time="200" float="200" />
    <node filter="bcontrast" x="32" y="61">
      <input ref1="#1" />
      <output id1="#2" />
      <parameter name="brightness">
        <value time="0.00" float="0.00" />
      <parameter name="contrast">
        <value time="0.00" float="1.00" />
   <node filter="tee" x="32" y="98">
      <input ref1="#2" />
      <output id1="#3" id2="#4" />
    <node filter="quadtree" x="32" y="131">
      <input ref1="#3" />
      <output id1="#5" />
      <parameter name="threshold">
        <value time="0.000000" float="78.000000" />
    <node filter="quadtree" x="96" y="131">
      <input ref1="#4" />
      <output id1="#6" />
      <parameter name="threshold">
        <value time="0.000000" float="40.000000" />
    <node filter="mix" x="65" y="167">
      <input ref1="#5" ref2="#6" />
      <output id1="#7" />
      <parameter name="ratio">
        <value time="0.000000" float="0.500000" />
    <node filter="display" x="64" y="198">
      <input ref1="#7" />


contains a screenshot where a similar processing graph is being edited.

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