"Robin Rowe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> A 640x480 8-bit image file example.cpx would be laid out something like
>> this:
>> <CPX>
>> <IMG width=640 height=480 depth=8u raster=RGB compress=none bytes=921600
>> data=...[921,600 raw bytes]...>

I am sorry but this format may look like XML but it doesn't follow the
XML specification. You cannot include binary data as CDATA. If you
really want to keep the data in the XML file, you will have to convert
it to text, preferably in ASCII encoding. I don't see much advantage
in such an approach and I am sure that not many XML parsers will like
CDATA blocks of several megabytes.

We actually had something else in mind but since you don't seem to be
interested I won't waste my time explaining our ideas.


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