Nathan Carl Summers wrote:

Yes, calling the new release 2.0 is a LIE.  I cannot emphasize this
strongly enough.  It is a lie because we have told many, many people what
2.0 will do.  To release a 2.0 without these features is pure
misrepresentation.  It is much too late to put the worms back into the

"Me Too."

I've expressed my opinion before, but here are some links:

Notable points:

The 1.3.x "Cleanup for 2.0" branch
 o Port gimp to gtk+-2.0
 o Cleanup some internal structures
 o Implement a few, well defined, new features
 o Think about a new way to handle plug-in distribution

The 1.9.x "Building GIMP 2.0" branch
o GEGL -- Gimp 'E' Graphical Library
o GCim -- The convergence integrated media object and utility library.


Feel free to send updates/comments/fixes/flames/whatever. We will keep this document up-to-date and post new versions when neccessary.

Sven & Mitch

Second link:

Lots of features listed, all of them targetted at GIMP 1.4, none of which mention GEGL and fully conform the above document. Some of which, in fact, I don't think have even been completed. ("Script-Fu overhaul", "Image/File Information", ?)


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