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get this message from gimp that if i am elite enough to use
threading, then i am elite enough to fix it.


i think if i pin perl from woody, i am elite enough to fix it.

The problem is that debian woody uses an experimental and very very broken option when compiling their perl, namely the 5.005 threading model.

It's known not to work with gimp or many other modules, and since it's
explicitly flagged as experimental people really wonder why debian chose
to enable it.

The perl from testing or unstable (one of them has 5.008) should work.

(Please note that it explicitly says that it is a warning only, doesn't
mention "elite" anywhere and all that is requested is to not send
complaints when it breaks, as you have been warned).

also, i really really never ever thought that gimp-perl would
be available for wingimp.

The problem is that there seem to be two modes of building gimp or gtk+2, the using unix-like tools, and the (standard!) one.

You could have the first (easy, for unixians) way with gtk1, too, but
then gimp would only run with an X11 server.

Gtk+2 can be built with the normal win32 backend even under cygwin now.
That might not be the platform that people want (no nice installer etc.),
which is why I think it will take some time until all this works out of
the box.

gimp-perl would need to be modified in it's config mechanism since the
1.2 wingimp doesn't provide the configuration framework needed. I do not
know wether this will be true for the 2.0 version, but I suspect it will

while gimp-perl-1.2 could be modified, all hopes are gone when it comes
to Gtk1.

The situation is very different to gtk+2, though, since standard cygwin
builds are available and useful and support pkgconfig. The build
framework of Gtk+2-perl is also working with that.

So, getting gimp-perl-1.3 Gtk+2 and gimp working under windows is "just" a
matter of a lot of time and patience.

sorry, i hadn't read this before mussing on getting those
plugins to my moms computer.

i didn't complain about the warning and the problem.  i guess
i even knew how to fix it.

please ignore the email i most recently sent.


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