> Arguments like "the others do it, too"? That's of course no
> argument, and you never delivered anything else.

Please look at the mailing-list archive, there were numerous arguments
for 2.0. Your attitude is extremly unfair. You are completely ignoring
the discussion that has taken place and pick only the worst and
meaningless arguments that have been made.

>> A few people expressed that they dislike the version number, other
>> liked it.
> I suggest you look at the mail archives again. There was quite a
> majority against 2.0 that you completely miss.

I don't think it makes sense to count the number of people that
expressed their opinion on the list. As with every discussion the ones
that are against a particular change raise their voices the most and
the ones that agree do so mostly quietly or in private mails. Only few
people expressed problems with the version number change and they
didn't have any compelling arguments. The voices against 2.0 have not
been ignored or we would have announced the change earlier. Instead we
decided to think about it again, asked more people for their opinion,
discussed it on #gimp and with a couple of users and then decided that
2.0 is a reasonable choice.

> What is so insisting is that you are not telling the truth, and I
> wonder why you resort to that.

I am not going to let you claim in public that I was lying to you or
any other GIMP developer. I wonder what makes you think I would do
that. I think you should excuse yourself for this.

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