Daniel Egger wrote:

Am Mon, 2003-07-21 um 23.17 schrieb Carol Spears:

i spent some quality time with docbook; olink, ulink and kin.
docbook was not written for gimp. Not the gimp as i understand
it at least.

> DocBook was written exactly for the purpose we need.

I tried to work with simple docbook, docbook, website docbook. I don't know how recent your gimp download is but this format is nothing like gimp since gimp-1.0.2. I have to stretch my imagination so much to make the format fit the gimp. I was actually going to try to substitute <corpauthor> for <email>.
Do you know how deeply the email string is nested in any docbook?

trust me and my recent experience, docbook was not written at all with gimp in mind. for instance, it is obvious to me that
the docbook people could not imagine an app that can take its
own screenshots.

as much as i love gimp, i wonder if someone got their rent paid
from netscape.com for making that my choice regardless. With
everything else being so sensible in gimp, how come i did not get a choice that included lynx or the awesome w3m? did you know
w3m renders images on xterms lately? that means it could render
any screenshots gimp gets of itself for its help docs.

i hate to limit the scope and imagination though, by being so
disgusted with the docbook* set up.

forget the work i have put into it already also.

daniel, do you have something to attach to an email? like i did?

<snipped because i covered it here mostly>

When i looked at what you were doing to try to contribute, I looked
at the sgml template and all sense of reason and purpose escaped
me. I don't think it was prof and syngin, i think it was terrible
terrible sgml markup.

> I don't see the problem. Actually DocBook/XML is not much different from > DocBook/SGML and since it's quite natural and I'm really picky about > code style it should be quite readable. But as I said, we accept any > format, even plain text.

no this is what happened. i tried to help, asked a few questions about the logic of the template and what the tags
were *supposed* to mean, and syngin decided it was quicker
and easier to write the documentation without help.

sorry he did not explain this before abandoning all that work.

but i would like to be extremely clear about this. i am not going
to waste my time contributing to docbook formated information.
however, if you insist on setting the document writers up with
that terrible template system again, i should be able to use
the information anyways as a thoughtfully written xslt can over
look the bad logic and find information there anyways.  So what
ever *you* commit, i can use.


also, we don't need the tree or the fruit of docbook, it is huge
and the format is not good for gimp.  we need just what would
be a seed from this set up.  the spirit of it even.

heh, corpauth = email (doh!)

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