Sven Neumann wrote:


Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

you and I are scheduled to discuss this after camp. if you continue
to insist to reply to my mail, i will continue to insist that you
stick to *your* scheduled time for this discussion.

I said that I want to wait till after the camp before I take a closer look at the XML format for plug-in infos that you are designing. This seems to be definitely a post-2.0 thing and if you need me to look at it, it will have to wait a bit. The format we use for writing our help pages is a completely different topic and I would welcome if you would try to keep them distinct. If I am wrong about this being a different topic, this may be because you never explained what you are actually doing with this plug-ins XML file that you are working on.

are you begging to change your scheduled time to discuss this
with me?

i am really so busy.


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