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[ mail stripped down to points that haven't been answered a gazillion
times... ]

> a layout and dtd made for gimp by people who use gimp and need
> for gimp to document itself and such would be useful for many
> many applications, i guess.

Don't guess, do it! It's an awful lot of work and needs experienced
people who can design a DTD for such a complex application, write it
down in the correct syntax and last but not least one needs
transformations otherwise all that can be done is walking in the

> i am sick of working with choices that were not made for me.

<After some consideration I removed my intended answer>

> where is syngin, btw.  you write this as a layout designer.

I'm no layout designer, I just have some "real-life" experience in
building documentation systems.

> i think syngin is depressed and gone.  i am so sorry about that.
> i blame docbook and sgml layouts for this, unless i hear something
> else about it.

Mel worked with me quite a lot on the docs and he never signalled any
signs of unsolvable problems. Also he did all the files he commited all
on his own and surprised me quite a few times with high quality DocBook
sources, not just in content but especially in markup!

> your hearsay about usage, my hearsay about being depressed and
> quitting.

I've instructed more than 10 people in DocBook. No one ever complained.

> okay. GNU/Image Manipulation Program.  gimp can write most of 
> this stuff himself.

Interesting. How come I didn't notice? :) What are you talking about?

> i think i needed more coffee when i wrote this.  actually, the
> screenshots should be easy with gimp, but not with gimp-1.2.
> i made the unfortunate mistake of starting the mmmaybe resource
> images with the palettes.  palettes don't go to the pdb that way
> for gimp-1.2.  neither do gimp-impressionist resources.  i got
> discouraged.


> cool.  you will then proceed to author the information and tell
> others how to author it?  awesome!


> will you forward all the mail if whatever "information scooper"
> interested parties use doesn't scoop from information that
> deeply nested?

Sorry, sometimes I really have trouble parsing your sentences...

> i have not really had a chance to look to what is required and
> not required in that twisted mess (docbook).

Get the DocBook book from the internet, check it online or even buy the
book if you prefer it in printed form. It'll tell you how to do the
stuff you want to do and what is required for it to work *including*

> >See, I already offered to take content in *any* and enrich it using the
> >appropriate tags. Why? Because I'm not an good content writer because
> >I'm not creative enough. I know how to deal with DocBook, XML and XSLT
> >pretty well though.

> this tells me that you would have no problem skipping docbook.
> it is an unnecessary step.

It's NOT! XML alone won't let you do dick, you need a DTD which gives it
a meaning and this is DocBook in our case. I wouldn't have a problem
with any other DTD but you have failed to show me one which provides:
a) all documentation facilities we need
b) corresponding XSLT stylesheets

In fact you just claimed it would be easy to design a designated DTD
just for GIMP documentation but so far haven't backupped this claim.

> my format is posted publically.  i am scheduled to discuss it
> after camp.  i am thinking about scheduling Neditcon1 for the
> same week, i dunno yet.

You're going to Berlin? Maybe I can stop by for a few hours since I'll
probably be in town this week.

> you can look at that and comment.

I'd like to, where did you say can one pick it up?

> please, do not start this shit on the gimp-user list!

I will ask on the gimp-users list for volunteers to write DocBook
documentation (actually because I've been asked to do so). This thread
here never was intended as a flamewar I still don't see it as one; a lot
of FUD and unfounded information was spread in a thread that started
(and still continues) as a quite informative one. Set your facts
straight or simply back up and this will be forgotten.


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