Daniel Egger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The new docs are designed around a natural reading to ressemble a normal
> style manual which can be used as an online help as well. Though to get
> usable results without bending around some filenames we need to directly
> navigate to the desired point using canonicalized ids. This is AFAIR
> only possible by doing something similar to yelp, i.e. using a DOM to
> navigate directly to ids and render exactly the named element including
> all subelements.

Even gimp-1.2 can link to anchors already. There is no need for
toplevel HTML files for each and every help topic that should be
reachable by pressing F1. In theory, the whole help could be in a
single file. That would of course not be useful but any granularity
should be doable using anchors.

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