On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 02:07, Daniel Egger wrote:
> But this it what it looks like after the transformation:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/devel/gimp-help-2/help/C/plainhtml$ ls
> ch01.html     ch03s04.html  ch03s09.html  ch03s14.html  gimp-help-plain.css
> ch02.html     ch03s05.html  ch03s10.html  ch03s15.html  go01.html
> ch03.html     ch03s06.html  ch03s11.html  ch03s16.html  index.html
> ch03s02.html  ch03s07.html  ch03s12.html  ch04.html
> ch03s03.html  ch03s08.html  ch03s13.html  ch04s02.html

I remember using something like the following to use the ids as
filenames once:

(define %use-id-as-filename% #t)

The help browser could then check if the id as requested by the GIMP
exists and if not, it could show a default page asking the user to write
up some documentation.

Don't know if that helps... Just an idea.

Henrik Brix Andersen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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