Am Don, 2003-07-24 um 15.37 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> The help-browser behaviour for non-existant anchors could probably be
> changed. I'd have to look into the GtkHTML2 API to give a more
> definite answer but I think it should be doable.

It would be great if you could look it up because this is a real must.

> Noone said we have to use a single file only.

I'm not talking about a single file either but about a file per chapter
since we cannot change the granularity at will.

> Now I am finally sure that I still don't have the slightest idea of
> the problems you see and what you imagine as the solution. Would you
> mind to explain it for me again?

Since my imagined solution would require efforts which are not handable
for the shortterm release let us rather focus on you idea and live with
the additional maintainace efforts and less user comfort for now.

> In the meantime, I will try to outline the system I am imagining.  We
> would remove all the hardcoded HTML filenames from GIMP and replace
> them with unique and meaningful identifiers like for example
> "gimp-file-new-dialog". The help files would be written in DocBook/XML
> and we would assign the same ids as id attributes to the associated
> content.


> The DocBook/XML files are then converted to a reasonably
> fine-grained set of XHTML files and the XSLT processor creates an
> additional XML file that holds a mapping from id to filenames.

Okay, so the filenames do not matter anymore and we can use
automatically generated ideas instead of forcing the XSLT processor to
generate a specific set. This is a big plus over the current situation.

But how do we generate the mapping file? Since we rely on the docbookxsl
stylesheets they would have to output the mapping right after they wrote
the transformed output or remember the ids and output at the end. I do
not know whether they have this feature and need to check the current

If they don't provide this feature (which is quite likely) we'll really
have a hard time, because we'll either have to override all
transformations to get the recording and output done or we'll have to
simulate the automatic generation of filenames in a to-be-written
standalone XSLT file to replay the generation of HTML files thus knowing
the filenames.

But let me look it up first before we worry about how we get it done...

> Of course multiple ids may point to the same file. The GIMP helpbrowser
> is then passed the id, it reads the mapping table and loads the HTML
> file that contains the anchor with the requested id. If the XML file
> doesn't list the requested id, the help-browser can display a standard
> page that explains that help for this subject is missing.



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