Adam D. Moss wrote:

Sven Neumann wrote:

Miguel Ibarra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Here's a patch to add optional libstartup-notification support to The
Gimp. This will allow desktop managers as Gnome's to entertain users
with a *so* funny clock cursor, while Gimp launches and initializes

GIMP-1.3 does this already. We will not include it in 1.2 since only
bug-fixes go into 1.2.

I'm interested, from a project point of view, why many (a good
proportion) of the patches that we get on this mailing list or
in bugzilla from 'external' (non-CVS-account) contributors are
against 1.2.x.

Are developers not very well aware of the positioning of
1.3.x (development) versus 1.2.x (stable)?  Is it too hard
to get a 1.3.x build to patch against?

Miguel, or anyone else, can you comment?

Identifying the cause of this weakness would help to smooth
the bumps in accepting (very welcome) external contributions.


maybe he doesn't have cvs access ....


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