As we say in my land, her e I come ¨selling my fish" again.  :-)
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On Saturday 26 July 2003 9:44 pm, Patrick McFarland wrote:

> Also, the additional layer blending modes are nice. Ive used both
> Grain modes already in some images, and they are nice additions to
> plain Addition and Subtraction.

So...just wait until the custom layer modes are put to work in a 
usable way.  :-)
You will just love it.

Unfortunatelly I got a new project at work and  will have even less 
time to write it. So it will probably not get ready to feature 
freeze. :-( Not final use ready, but maybe it gets working sans a 
good UI.

Under the custom layer mode, one would not have to wait for a GIMP 
major  release to get the grain modes.

For example, this is the line in current gimp code that does the 
"merge mode" :

 sum = src1[b] + src2[b] - 128;

It will be doable by typing:
ED = E1 + E2 -0.5; 

as the custom layer mode. (E stands for "every channel". A is already 
used for alpha -  I myself dislike the "every", and will accept other 

The advantadges? Even the above formula throws information away - it 
kees a better average than ADD layer mode. With the custom layer 
mode, you willbe able to adjust the cnstante factor for every layer 
on every image.
Thus if it is too light, with large white only areas, one will just 
have to edit the layer mode expression from the above to:
ED = E1 + E2 -0.7;  , for instance.



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