On 27-Jul-2003, Daniel Egger wrote:
> Good for you. I know at least 6 persons who do not. :)
> However I'm quite interested in your reasons, would you please elaborate
> so I can get some feeling what to tell people when they ask me reasons
> for using 1.3.

Well, the tabbed dialog boxes, "docks", are very nice. They save a lot of
desktop room (which is needed when you are editing large images, and arnt
willing to zoom out a lot.) 

Also, the fact that it has a sane text plugin is nice. (I switched over to a 
pango based font system, so all my truetype fonts "cant" (read as: Im not 
willing to add them back to X.) be seen by gtk1 apps.)

Also, the additional layer blending modes are nice. Ive used both Grain modes
already in some images, and they are nice additions to plain Addition and

And with all of this, the image scaling dialog box has linear/cubic right
there, so I dont have to go the whole way into preferences to change which
scaling mode I want. (Which was a big fucking pain in the ass.) And in addition
to that, having editable font boxen is very nice. (Though, Id like a way to
force it to be a rendered layer, because when you change the layer, and
accidently edit the layer's text, it erases everything you did.)

People who are photoshop fanatics will like the menubar (which I hate since
I already use the right click menu.) 

The only thing I _dont_ like is there is no gimp-perl packaged for 1.3 in 
debin sid. (Is it not available for 1.3, or are ari and che not willing to
package it?)

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