Am Sam, 2003-07-26 um 13.07 schrieb Roman Joost:

> I cant find anything related to the gimp-help project at the newer
> webpage.

You're right. There isn't... :(

> So, if someone could point me to a ressource regarding this project it
> would be fine.

- This mailinglist (there had been a big discussion here the last few
  days), you might want to check the archives
- gimp-help-2 module in GNOME CVS
- Me

> As far as i know, the gimp help is written in html and viewed with the
> gnome help browser.

Not quite.

The first version of the gimp-help was the HTML version of the book GIMP
User Manual by Karin and Olof Kylander heavily modified to be usable for
the online help.

The second version was a conversion (and extension) of the former to
DocBook/SGML to gain flexibility regarding the layout, the output names,
the output formats and get rid of the fairly static HTML cruft.

Now we're working on a third version which is a complete rewrite from
scratch in DocBook/XML, mostly because the second version has some
serious edges and drawbacks to what we would consider usable docs.
You are encouraged to read about it in the file "STATUS" in the
mentioned gimp-help-2 module.

Long story put short: A German version would be very cool and if you
want to participate I'll help you getting set up. However since the
English version is still quite at the beginning and the audience is much
larger we need to find a few decisions before we start either a
translation or a seperate documentation.


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