On 28-Jul-2003, Joao S. O. Bueno wrote: 
> It will be doable by typing:
> ED = E1 + E2 -0.5; 
> as the custom layer mode. (E stands for "every channel". A is already 
> used for alpha -  I myself dislike the "every", and will accept other 
> suggestions)
> The advantadges? Even the above formula throws information away - it 
> kees a better average than ADD layer mode. With the custom layer 
> mode, you willbe able to adjust the cnstante factor for every layer 
> on every image.
> Thus if it is too light, with large white only areas, one will just 
> have to edit the layer mode expression from the above to:

I have no issues with E. It might also be nice to have YUV (independant of the
image's mode).

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